20 June 2007

a ha-ha-ha! ha ha!

A hamster and a rat were sitting on the side of a swimming pool. They were enjoying the sun. Suddenly the rat turned to the hamster and asked him: - Dude, How come people consider me a noisance, and you a pet? How come people pay money to have you, while they are trying to kill me? How come you are considered a cute little animal, while I am considered creepy and disgusting? How come you live in a warm home, and I have to stay in the sewer? So the hamster answered: -It's branding, dude.


  1. :)) Prea tare... Bancul e de doua ori mai funny daca esti student la marketing.

  2. mihai, te cunosc?

    ps: eu sunt la comunicare si pr.. ma amuz cel mai tare! :P

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    bancul nu e cumva de doua ori mai amuzant ?

  4. gavoz3:19 PM

    e super pt mine pt ca mie mi plac rozatoarele:)